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The Bears season has just begun!

Bears ScheduleHere’s the full schedule for the season. And remember, we open at 11:00AM every Sunday featuring our New Amsterdam Vodka Bloody Marys for $5!

NFL Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl XLIX
Sunday, February 1st

Come watch the big game with us.
We are serving free Connie’s Pizza at half time

Specials Include:
$3.50 Lagunitas Pilsner
$9 Pitchers of Budlight
$10 Pitchers of Sapporo
Plus our everyday specials

Live Jazz

Jazz Flyer

A First Look

As we finish up our construction and final touches, we invite you to take a first look before our grand opening to tell us what you think.  Hor d’oeuvres and a sampling of our speciality cocktails will be available.  Visit our Events page for more information!